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TV TALK- "BEYOND" is beyond adorable!! I want to kiss the casting director!


 I like, no I LOVE sci-fi shows,  Stranger Things, The OA, Travelers, Legends Of Tommorrow, The Flash.. the list goes on and on...  So when I signed into HULU and noticed there was a new sci-fi show called "BEYOND" I got ready to binge watch it...

     "BEYOND" is about a 10 year old boy who gets into an accident and goes into a coma.
After 12 years in the coma, now 22, he suddenly wakes up with strange abilities. Now, if you are like me, and consume a lot of shows like this, its very easy to point out whats being done right and whats being done wrong..

     The special effects and cinematogrophy are on point.. I really like them. The acting wont blow your mind but its the same level of acting you would see in any horror movie. The kind of acting that is meant to progress the plot, not make you fall in love with the characters. In fact, I said to myself "The acting on this show is as if someone took a bad horror movie and stretched it out for 10 hours." But to be respectful, the actors can only perform the words on the page and the writing is disapointing.

    The ONE thing that I noticed right away and as the episodes progressed (i'm only up to episode 6) is how ADORABLE everyone on this show is..  I mean, I'm only up to Holden's (the main character) third love interest and I was like "Woah, this chick is HOT" she is "Charlie" played excellently by .

     OK, so here is the plot (told my way with no spoilers) Holden is 10 years old hanging out with his best friend Kevin when Kevin's bigger brother starts to bully them. So Holden hits Kevin's bigger brother with his motorcycle helmet (its a dirt bike) and runs away..  Holden jumps on his dirtbike and rides away but Kevin's bigger brother jumps in his truck and starts chasing him.. Holden gets into an accident and is in a coma for 12 years...

     The SHOW is about his special abilities when he wakes up.. but ALL i kept noticing is EVERYBODY is SO GOOD LOOKING 12 years later..  For instance, here is the actor who played Kevin when they were 10... Gabriel Humphrey ..

     Cute little kid, right? OK, after 12 years in  coma, Holden (the main character) wakes up and THIS is Kevin all grown up!
 (played by Jordan Calloway  )

OK, now you should start to see what i'm saying...

     Holden's little brother is a HUNK when he comes out of the coma.. Holden's little brother's  girlfriend is FIRE too..  but remember Kevin's big brother? the bully? THIS is him all grown up.. played by ..

 Here he is in a scene from "Shameless" :

Here he is again, from "Shameless" (I think i'm in love)

I mean... come on.. very nice to look at!!  "BEYOND" has great special effects, a unique concept, beautiful actors.. The white guys, the white girls, the asian women, the black people are all SO DAMN CUTE..  the cuties and the special effects are what keeps me watching this show.  Hopefully, if there is a season 2 it will better written.

If you love sci-fi and pretty people, do yourself a favor and check-out "BEYOND" on Hulu
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LIFE LESSON- 90 days from today is April 1st (beginning of April). If you have a goal you cant afford to waste a day. It takes 66 days to form a new habit..the easy part is STARTING SMALL, the hard part is STICKING TO IT, but after 66 days it will be easier because the habit will have been developed.

Take one guy who never worked out who does ONE push-up today and does one, or more, for the next 66 days.... Take another guy who saves ONE dollar today, and saves $1, or more each day for the next 66 days.. After 66 days when the habit is established and the behavior carries on.. the guy who did one push-up today will be SEXY AS HELL on Jan 1st 2018 and the guy who saved $1 today will have money to spoil himself with on Jan 1st 2018.

What would you like to improve about your life? START SMALL and STICK WITH IT for 66 days.. develop the habit and change your life.
You are a HERO. Everybody knows it. But dont forget to help YOURSELF and not just the rest fo the world.

Good luck!

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