Friday, October 19, 2007

NNY random review- Seinfeld's "Bee Movie TV Junior" Ads

Jerry Seinfeld has produced mini commercials for his upcoming Dreamworks animated feature "Bee Movie". The live action comedy skits appear during primetime on NBC and are "brought to you" by Ford.

Its good to see Jerry on TV again and I think the ads are funny.. but why is he
producing live action adult comedy skits to promote a childrens cartoon? ...Why ARE they paid for by Ford? Are there REAL cars in this cartoon movie? Why are the ads only on NBC? Is the movie for children who like adult comedy, on NBC ...and American cars??

I dont know WHAT is going on..LOL.. but the "Bee movie TV Juniors" are funny. If you've never seen one, check out a sample below and ALL of them at