Thursday, November 8, 2007

Drinking from the cup of knowledge..

"If I want to stock the bar in my apartment with enough liquor to cover anything guests at a small dinner party might need, what exactly do I need besides Vodka and Rum?" was the question I posted in the Yahoo Group "NubianNewYorkers" .

For years I have watched as the 22,000 plus members gave expert advice to each other on all kinds of topics and I am happy to say I found the answers I got to be very very informative...

withinme_1 (Rusty) wrote:

now you're talking my language.

well lets see,?!?

exactly which vodka and rum do you have? because any self respecting party giver should know, that at the minimum the rum is bacardi, and the vodka is smirnoff. that triple distilled is no play play. but i do remember a fierce headache after. so play it safe and get the absolute. or if your really g fab then you might do kettle one or vox. the gin is seagrams. tangarey gives you a little something else, i dont know exactly what that taste is, it's distinct. not like the other gins. but it does go well with grapefruit juice. seagrams goes with just about anything.

there should be a big bottle of brandy. folks usually like that. try the paul masson brandy vs or the vsop. that went over well at my last get together. they preferred it to the henney. and you know there has got to be some henney.

but back to brandy. you could stick to E&J, or christian brothers, have any of you tried the white E&J? that dark one turned me. then you should have some johnny walker red, or black, or dewars. if you like scotch, and you know we like some scotch, especially at some one elses expense. matter of fact, leave that under the counter, and give it to the ones that ask for scotch specifically. you can leave the dewars on the shelf.

bourbon, jack daniels. am i forgetting something? oh beer, plenty or beer. the hot ones are coors lite, heinieken corona or good old BUD. any rate, that sounds like a nice starters kit. and dont be ashamed to tell your friends to bring a libation with them. to add to the pot. if you have them friends with the good home training, then you wont have to ask them at all. they come correct. like mama taught em.

tell us all about the party. i know it will be a smash.

Paynestalker (ELC) wrote:

you can try some tequila

some wine and cognac and brandy plus henny and remy, also keep sodas around like pepsi and coke plus spirte and 7-up or sierra mist or vault which is good.

and juices the best to get them at is costco or sam's club as you can get the big ones for 2 at 5 dollars a bottle.

and don't neglect gin.

Gregmac04 wrote:

You don't really need a fully stocked bar for a small dinner party. Unless that is the par - tay! I think you should have beer & a Red and White wine to compliment the food you plan to serve. I would make a "specialty drink" with the rum or vodka and have something non alcoholic: like an equally satisfying "mocktail"- fruit juice and club soda w/ lime just in case someone decides to be the designated driver for the evening. Enjoy!