Monday, November 23, 2009

TECH TIP- Google Chrome

Hey! Hope all is well! This is the week of Thanksgiving and boy am I giving thanks for GOOGLE CHROME! "Google Chrome" is a browser made by the people at google... As you know I suggested Google Chrome in the past (in our NubianNewYorkers Yahoo Group).. but then advised against it as it was too slow to deal with.

Well, thank the lord.. they made it faster! Right now I would have to say its the fastest browser I use! Add to that all of the other features that you get and "GOOGLE CHROME" is a must! And its FREE!

Download it here.. or just put the phrase "google chrome" in any search engine. You will be happy!

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Feel free to post your opinion on GOOGLE CHROME here or in the Yahoo Group.. and HAPPY SURFING!

Dont eat too much on Thanksgiving!