Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help Democrats Find Their Balls!

When George Bush was President, his administration watched over every tiny election, smeared people, bullied news organizations, got us into an unwise war, and on and on. Once every four years, when election time came, Bush would become kinder and gentler and pretend to care about more than his base.

Obama's Administration so far has ignored every election until its too late. HORRIBLE candidates have been allowed to run their fucked up campaigns with no leadership until its too late. The Democratic candidate for Gov. of VA in 09 and the Democratic candidate for Sen. of Mass. in 010 were AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL.. because nobody with power, or brains, but esp BALLS was paying attention.

Obama thinks that, just like Bush became "warmer" every four years, that he can "fire up" his base at every election while ignoring us the rest of the time. It dont work like that.. We need to see your staff (not just you) on every channel FIGHTING BACK, everyday!

Obama had better start paying attention to his base and FAST.  With The White House, The Congress AND The Senate,  Democrats have more power right now that the Republicans have had since the 1920's but power means nothing without BALLS.

Heres whats up politicians.. we've figured you guys out.. you stand for what you stand for unless it will cost you the next election. LISTEN UP ASSHOLES.. you are suppose to govern, you are supposed to do what you know is right and if it costs you the next election then.. YOU HAVE DONE YOUR JOB! You are not
entitled to a lifetime in your political position! Govern and go! Worrying and not governing makes you feckless and weak!

DO WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT, govern for the people and not for the next election. Because the people have figured you guys out.. and if you have The White House, The Congress and The Senate but dont have THE BALLS to lead because your worrying about the next election..  your going TO LOSE that next election anyway because your not doing what we elected you to do.

Obama needs to take back the airwaves, and campaign for the issues important to his base the way he campaigned for himself. Oh, and the campaign is everyday.. you cant afford to let anything slip past you, you cant afford to take anything for granted.

Black people voted for Obama over 93% (this is just an example) .... name another President that would ignore such a huge block of voters?  Now, I support the President but I want him to HAVE THE BALLS TO DO WHAT HE KNOWS IS RIGHT.. instead of worrying about the next election. PLEASE, Mr, President dont re-discover that your black when you get into trouble.. that tired trick might have worked for OJ and Prez. Clinton but it wont work for you because PEOPLE ARE SCREAMING FOR YOU TO USE YOUR POWER AND YOU KEEP PLAYING FOOTSY WITH REPUBLICANS ..... the people who voted for you and who you want to vote for your party are waiting for LEADERSHIP WITH BALLS!

You need talking points for all Dems around the country,  you need to tell the millions of people who fought for you in the past what we need to do ON A WEEKLY BASIS, you need to fight for what your base wants EVERYDAY YOU ARE IN OFFICE, and you need to STOP worrying about the NEXT election and govern now, you need to FIND YOUR BALLS!

The White House, The Senate and The Congress is a lot of power to people with BALLS. If you dont use your power, then you will just be a speedbump to another Republican Majority.  And you wont even have tha ability to say you did big things for your base and the country because YOU HAD NO BALLS!

Oh,.. and guess what that Republican majority will do as soon as they are in power... big things for their base! because they have BALLS (no brains, but balls).

PLEASE DEMOCRATS search your hearts, your bodies, your souls or go to the nearest Sporting Goods Store and FIND SOME BALLS. Because we're not fighting for you if you cant fight for yourselves... we are NOT going to let you ignore us until you need our votes.