Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AMAZING!! - DAMAGES on FX with Glen Close

Ok, I've always liked Glen Close as an actress but was never interested in REALLY catching the show called "Damages" she's been doing for 3 seasons now.. She's won awards for the show and people kept saying how good it was so I decided to get the first season.. FROM THE FIRST EPISODE I knew I was watching something special.. 4 episodes in I was telling everybody I knew about the show.. I just watched the last episode of the first season and I actually screamed "OH MY GOD!" at the surprise ending... RUN, DONT WALK and watch this show from the beginning.

Cable shows like Spartacus, Trueblood, Breaking Bad & White Collar are picking up where past shows like The Sopranos, 6 Feet Under and The Wire left off in terms of brilliance!!  People tell me HBO's "Treme" (by creator of The Wire) and TNT's "Saving Grace" with Holly Hunter  are good too and you can be sure I am going to check them out!