Saturday, January 15, 2011


Adam Lambert was the first openly gay finalist in American Idol history.. soon after, Clay Aiken discovered that he was gay TOO but America didn't give a fuck, it was too late. Madonna, Lady GaGa, Nikki Minaj openly spoke about their bisexuality to the point where it doesn't even matter anymore...

The FIRST openly gay/bisexual basketball, football, baseball, male rapper, President will make history and A LOT of money because of their sexuality (on top of their talents) but after them, America will understand the same thing it learned about black people... they're just normal.

It was believed by many that a black man couldn't be a NFL coach or a quarterback or President of The United States.... HOW STUPID.. America will realize the stupidity of believing gay and bisexual men are limited or foreign.

In future decades one of the most BORING things that you will tell a person is "I AM GAY"... because the answer will be ""