Saturday, February 19, 2011

"TOP SHOT" hits the target.

TOP SHOT is a reality show/ gun competition on The History Channel

I dont know one thing about how to make a dress or what a nice dress would be.. Yet, I find Project Runway (esp the 1st few seasons) to be an excellent, excellent show. I just love to see people who are gifted compare talents on a well edited, show. This show is Project Runway with RIFLES. Its like SURVIVOR with BULLETS. 

Being from the big city, I dont like gun's.. Well, I mostly don't like guns used in crimes.. But guns usually make me nervous.. But The History Channels "TOP SHOT" is a show I like, and suggest.

I like the male bravado-ishness of the show.. you know, that fake way guys have to toughen up.. As Project Runway will come with a certain amount of "camp", "Top Shot" comes with its own kind of "macho" camp. But the contestant are awesome sharpshooters and the show is
very watchable.

Its in its second season (I've got to go back and watch the 1st).. Here are the first 2 episodes of season 2...