Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Using The Strong Black Body To Sell Products

I LOVE when I see companies that try to merge their product’s image with that of a strong black physique. Gatorade and athletic apparel companies are famous for this, but at least with them one can make the connection between athletics and sexy athletes.. Other products use the sexy black man to sell their products but never exactly explain the connection.. but I love to see them anyway.  Used to be a time when companies would use a sexy woman to say.. “buy our product and get a woman like this” now, it seems companies are saying “buy our product because its like this black man.. strong, sexy and tough!”

One that I can think of right away, is the new commercial for The Acura TL..

Can you think of a non-sports related commercial where a "brotha's" body seems to be a selling point? Please hit "comment" and LET US KNOW!