Saturday, June 18, 2011


This is a simple issue.  Networks & Movie Companies are going to have to put more effort into respecting their audiences.

The 2 biggest problems today are movies that are just LOUSY and networks that cancel shows because "the audience isn't big enough"..  NOBODY wants to see a lousy movie and NOBODY wants to invest time in a show to have it canceled before there is a resolution to the plot.

First of all, in today's technological world with text messages, email,  & twitter a person sitting in a movie theatre can tell ALL of their friends and followers that a movie sucks on THE FIRST DAY that movie is out. The days when flashy ads could fool people for weeks into seeing a shitty movie are over.. Today, if you want success YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE TIME TO MAKE THE MOVIE A GOOD MOVIE.

Secondly, TV Networks have got to WAKE UP.. You can't keep cancelling TV Shows.  No matter the ratings, if people invest their time to follow the plot of a show HOW DARE you end the show before the plot has been resolved? How dare you then ask the SAME people to invest their time in new shows every fall??

Once a network buys a show it should buy a FULL SEASON of the show and if the network decides to pull the show from the air it should STILL be available on the network's website... This would provide its viewers the plot resolution they deserve.

WAKE UP Networks and Movie Companies!! We live in a new world that makes part of your job harder but doing the hard work will make success much much easier!