Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Its time to SPEAK OUT & SPEAK UP to The Obama Re-Election Team!

Republicans blame Obama for everything, they act like they were not the ones who GOT US INTO this mess in the first place. 

Prez Obama doesnt watch the 24 hour News networks.. but somebody in his campaign SHOULD. Its "death by a thousand cuts".. they are bleeding him to death slowly with these attacks.. He is being "swiftboated" everyday and those attacks go unanswered.

Prez Obama doesnt respond to the silly, childish attacks.. but somebody in his administration SHOULD. You know why people buy ads? Because people start to believe what they hear over and over. Studies show, the 14th time a person sees an ad they believe it. For every attack there should be a counter-attack.

Prez Obama doesnt want to appear TOO close to the Gay, Labor, Black, Mexican communities.. but someone in his campaign should be representing him ANYTIME there is a gathering of these CORE voters.

The time for us, sitting back and just HOPING that he has a strategy we dont know about.. IS OVER!

The time has come for us to SPEAK UP and tell his campaign that WE NEED to be communicated with,
WE NEED to see more of his administration and campaign leaders on TV.

WE NEED talking points, WE NEED ammunition to help him fight this political war with Republicans.

NOW IS THE TIME to call his campaign directly and tell him to FIGHT BACK & COMMUNICATE WITH HIS BASE more regularly and more effectively!

Call 312-698-3670 or write  "Obama for America, P.O. Box 803638, Chicago, IL, 60680, c/o Obama for America Feedback"

If enough of us take a little time out of our day, they will start to listen.. And we wont be stuck with a Republican in 2012