Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CELEB CRUSHES- Who did you have a crush on as a kid growing up?

"NubianNewYorkers" our Yahoo Group. The 24,000 plus members have vast knowledge and experiences and our group is a place where we discuss all sorts of topics. Recently, I asked the members about their first celebrity crushes..

QUESTION:Think back, when you were a little kid growing up - As best as you can remember, and speaking HONESTLY, Who were your first MALE and FEMALE celebrity crushes?

Here is just a small sample of how others have answered.. did you have the same? Is there somebody you need to mention? Post a comment below to add your own..


FEMALE- Were LINDA CARTER, because Wonder Woman was sexy to me for some reason and JANET JACKSON because I liked "Penny" (Her character on good times), she was the most popular girl of color around my age on tv and in entertainment at the time.. In my adult life I had the pleasure of meeting her and she was even MORE sweet and down to earth than I expected and I still thinks she's adorable today.

 MALE- TODD BRIDGES, when I as a kid was a pretty cute kid.. the boy could sing and dance and I liked him. LEIF GARRETT- I probably spelled his name wrong but when I was a kid there used to be really androgynous pics of leif garret and b4 I really knew what my adult tastes would be, he was cute to me.

PETER BRADY- that's the character's name, I dont even know the actor's name.. I liked him because I watched Brady Bunch EVERYDAY.. I saw those people more than I saw my friends and PETER (the middle son) was the best looking person in that family.. everyday I would say to myself.."How did he get into that family" .. and he seemed to me, the most likely character to end up becoming gay.

-----@Uncluttered said:FEMALE- Natalie Cole!  Her voice.  Her eyes.  Her journey.  Her style.  Her voice.  Her wordplay (RECTIFIED MY MIND...INSEPARABLE...UNPREDICTABLE...I was going crazy listening to a Black woman use those words!)
MALE- John Amos AKA James Evans! This thick, sexy MOUNTAIN of a man used to make me crazy EVERY TIME HE ENTERED THE ROOM on "Good Times!"  Corduroy pants.  Velour shirt.  TIGHT!  And his nose, especially when he was pissed, that STRONG SNARL...MY MY MY!

@bbetcamus said:

Female- the little girl who used to play Archie Bunker's niece on All In The Family after Edith left him/the show. Don't know why, but used to have the biggest crush on her and those bangs and pig tails of hers, LOL!!
Male- can't recall even having one growing up, as I didn't "grow" into my same-sex identity until I was a teen-ager. By then, my only crushes were my classmates, LOL!!

@ricasdean33 said:

 FEMALE: Teresa Graves -"Get Christie Love"; it seemed as if the introduction to the show, was like she was being coy, and sweet, but if you fucked up and got arrested, "You were under arrest, Suga!!!"
                   Angie Dickinson - "Police Woman"; I don't what it was---wait, I know, her breast back then wearing those tight pullovers & blouses would turn me on, bi-curiously, but that faded eventually. LOL

    MALE:  Greg Morris - "Mission Impossible"; his swagger back then was a turn on, and for me to see a Black man as a covert operations comrade with Peter Graves, showed me strength that I could look up to(on T.V., that is, Dad was #1).
                John Amos - "Good Times", & "Roots"; his strength turned me on in both the show and the T.V. Movie(and I actually saw him in a hotel lobby in Jersey where I worked---he didn't "tower" over the folks he was with). LOL
                Fred Dryer - "Hunter"; his macho(or better yet, his machismo) stance as Sgt. Rick Hunter was a turn on at my young age, though erections may have came few in numbers---wasn't old enough!!!  LOL   

@babygee64 said:
The Artful Dodger from the movie Oliver

Laura Ingles Little house on The Prairie

Black Michael Jackson
Kim Fields (Facts of Life)
@miamiboy01 said:

Mario lopez from saved by the bell. It was the first time I had a crush on a guy and thought it was ok, because he was a sex symbol.

@ugoboy1999 said:

Vincent Edwards, played as Dr. Ben Casey.I even wrote him a letter.

@addicted_2_chingy said:

From my REAL early teens

Female- Monica, Aaliyah, Letoya from DC,

Male- DMX, Cam'ron (still do), Tyrese, Sisqo, Marques Houston but at the time only knew him as Roger from Sister Sister and Ginuwine

@deanr201 said:        MASE 

@mochadelyte said:           USHER
@tippindascalez2 said:

Female - MANY, MANY women on TV. Too many to limit to one.  LOL
Male - Didn't get into fellas until around 27, and at the time I think it was the dude on BET Brett Walker (?).  That brutha was phyne as hell to me!  lol

@lildude7862  said:

The guy who played Lee on Beat Street. He was so damn fine.

Who was your first celeb crush? "Comment" below and share your memories!!