Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Way Republicans Argue...

Republican pundits and politicians argue like 4 year olds..  When they get caught doing something, first they try to justify, then they try to lie and finally when all else fails they say.. "Well, he did it too!"  The "he did it too" is an admission that they are guilty but it tries to say that others are just as much to blame.  These childish tricks only work on weak parents and lazy media.

     Last week Rush Limbaugh decided (because he disagreed with her) to take a private citizen and call her a "Slut", and a "Prostitute".  The law student is named Sandra Fluke and she attempted to testify before Congress on Women's Health & Reproductive rights.  Initially Republican's blocked her from testifying in favor of an ALL MALE panel instead, but Democrats were able to get her to testify and that earned her being told to "videotape her sex and post it on the internet" by Rush Windbag.

     First Rush wasnt going to apologize, then he apologized when he wasnt on the air, then sponsors began to leave, then he apologized for just TWO WORDS of his verbal assault.

     NOW, guess what?   Republican politicians and pundits are saying comedians like Bill Maher and Lois CK are just as bad as Rush because they have pointed out the stupidity of Sarah Palin in comedically colorful terms....

     THERE YOU GO AGAIN, Republicans.. Why cant you just admit when you're wrong? 

POINT 1- Bill Maher and Lois CK are COMEDIANS and Sarah Palin is PUBLIC FIGURE. Rush Limbaugh is NOT  comedian, he's a drug addict and Sandra Fluke was NOT a public figure when he chose to single her out and verbally abuse her. Notice that nobody complained that Limbaugh also insulted Nancy Pelosi while insulting Sandra Fluke.. that's because Ms. Pelosi is a public figure!!

POINT 2- Jokes that Bill Maker and Lois CK made about Sarah Palin are just as bad as jokes they make about men in politics .. They didnt joke about Sarah Palin BECAUSE she's a woman, they joked about her because she's an idiot, a public figure who is just dumb.

Rush attacked Sandra Fluke because she was testifying about WOMEN'S RIGHTS.. Rush attempted to attack her personally because of what she was standing for.. WOMEN'S RIGHTS.. His attack was meant for her and any woman who dare say the same. His attempt was to shame her and shut her up. 

POINT 3- Just like when Gabby Gifford's got shot The Republicans realized that they were getting called on all the over the top rhetoric they spout and began their "Democrats do it too!" campaign.. just like a 4 year old would. 

Members of the lazy media will sit there and let Republican talking heads spout the "they do it too" crap without calling them on it.. But the truth is, NOBODY uses "over the top" rhetoric and hyperbole as much as Republicans and the right-wing trolling through every line any comic ever said is desperate, disingenuous and childish.

Look at all the names they've called our President. Look at all the off the wall things they've accused him of.  Even look at the way they treat EACH OTHER in the primaries? It's all attacks, and lies and name calling.

Its filthy!, and a lazy media or attempting to say others are as bad as you will NOT work Republicans.. Act more "Christian" and stop using the Devil's tactics.

And to the lazy media - Democrats, led by President Obama could never be as racist, homophobic, anti-immigrant and anti-women as the talking heads on the right and anybody would be able to see that if the media would report FACTS instead of instigating arguments solely for ratings.

And Liberals, Progressives, Independents and Honest Republicans know that the right wing cannot control itself when it comes to over the top rhetoric, name calling and mindless morally bankrupt hyperbole.. But instead of stopping itself or cleaning up it's act, the right-wing will keep trying it until they've gone too far..  The media may be lazy but The American people aren't.. we WILL continue to point out all of the vitriol coming from the Republicans.

Take a look at the Republican Primaries.. Now NOBODY can blame Prez Obama or The Dems for all the mean spirited name calling going on there by the superpacs and candidates.. Yet, this fall when The American People are finally fed up with this stuff, Republicans will try to pin it on Democrats and the lazy media will sit there as if the primaries never happened.

They say the American people have a short memory.. This wouldn't be the case if The Media actually REPORTED FACTS!

*Fact is Sandra Fluke did NOT deserve the things Rush said.
*Fact is President Obama doesn't get into name calling like his    Republican opponents all have.
*Fact is, a political commentator can't expect to be taken seriously when he insults private individuals and when he compares himself with comedians
*Fact is Bill Maher or Louis CK aren't leaders in the Democratic party while Republicans are "in bed" with Rush.
*Fact is, Prez Obama isnt afraid of Maher while Romney and Repubs are deadly afraid of Rush.
*Fact is, mean spirited, name calling is like crack to Republicans.. they cannot stop themselves.. and when they get caught they try to blame everyone else... be it Gabby Giffords or Sandra Fluke they cant stop themselves.

If you're like me and have HAD IT, email write or tweet your favorite member of the media and speak your mind! Or forward this post to them... better yet.. go to PRIORITES USA and donate to President Obama's Re-Election!!

What Rush did to a private citizen is unforgivable and if I were her I would sue!!