Monday, June 11, 2012

Exercise = Self Love

     The best way to show yourself you love YOU, is to workout and eat right.  The best way to make sure you live a long & happy life is to make fitness a part of your life. Believe it or not, those push-ups you do in your twenties will get you to your 80's if you keep it them up.

     Do you want more sex? More energy? Better skin? Do you want to look better than people half your age? THEN YOU NEED TO EXERCISE!! The benefits of exercise are limitless!

     Doesnt matter how small you start, AS LONG AS YOU START.. and keep it going!  There is an incredible show called EXTREME MAKEOVER: WEIGHTLOSS EDITION on ABC (check your local listings) that shows us each week the miracle of exercise and of perserverence... Here is a tiny clip.. I hope it motivates you like it did me!

 Catch entire episodes at: