Monday, August 27, 2012

HBO'S "THE NEWSROOM": Conservatives are the "American Taliban"

     Radical Republicans have outsmarted The Media.. by calling the media "liberal" all the time, they have scared Newspeople away from facts.  Republicans can tell any lie that they want without fear of being corrected by the media, and Republicans are taking FULL ADVANTAGE of it... Mitt Romney has 3 ads on the air right now that are blatantly untrue, ads he wouldve NEVER been able to get away with in past elections.

     Today's Newspeople are alseep.. only reporting the back & forth.. not reporting the facts. Meanwhile, FOX sells falsehoods without fear.

     Wouldnt it be great if there were real Newsmen like The Anchor of HBO's "The NewsRoom" who speaks THE TRUTH.. watch this snippet where he explains, why Republican politicians use political tricks to stop minorities from voting: