Friday, November 9, 2012


1. Communicate more often thru digital/social media with voters about EVERY issue. Communicate as hard as you did during the campaign. Don't ignore the people in your base, we need bite-sized talking points on each argument/issue... Dont ignore your huge email list..USE IT!!

2. Realize that the campaign doesn't end with a win.. It only ends for the guy who lost. The winner has to continue campaigning to get HIS issues passed past roadblocks by taking the argument to the people. Don't forget the theatre that is necessary to win the public to your side. 

3. Use MSNBC the way Republicans use FOX, it's dumb to let a resource go un-used.. Republicans use FOX to create and maintain narratives.. You have to support progressive media like MSNBC. This will, in turn, help their ratings and provide a more powerful ally in communicating to like-minded, socially active Americans when it counts.

4. When The Congress won't work with him, Prez Obama should find a Republican Mayor or Governor to work with on a specific project.. This will show that he IS willing to work with the other side and that the problem is THE CONGRESS.

5. Second term Presidents only really have 2 years to get stuff done, after that he becomes a "lame duck" as focus turns to candidates who will run in 2016.

6. Have a plan B, just in case The Republicans NEVER WORK WITH YOU. If they threaten to filibuster in The Senate... make them stand there and talk and when they stop, hold the vote.

7. Give special focus to young people of color in a speech, book, or initiative. 

8. NEVER take the Rush Limbaughs, Bill O'rellys, Shawn Hannitys seriously.. they couldn't beat you when they wanted to most. They are just big mouthed loser windbags.

9. Realize that Repubs are going to start to build an argument to IMPEACH you.. it's what they did to Clinton, it is what is going to happen to you. BE PREPARED!

10. Talk these days is all about the "Fiscal Cliff" (the fact that The Bush Tax Cuts expire at the end of the year & that automatic cuts will go into effect). The President SHOULD NOT FORGET about the fact that debt ceiling will have to be raised next year.. He MUST make sure that the debt ceiling is part of the negotiations or we will be right back here next year!

11. During the campaign, Prez Obama said that one thing he regretted about his first four years, is that he did not  communicate as well as wished he did...
He MUST communicate better and more often!!

“Action comes from keeping the heat on. No politician can sit on a hot issue if you make it hot enough.” 

― Saul D. Alinsky 



 1/18/2013- Obama campaign to become nonprofit, Organizing for Action

2/19/2013- Obama strategist David Axelrod joins MSNBC, NBC News as analyst


2/25/2013- As Cuts Loom, Obama Meets With Governors

2/27/2013-  Obama Circumvents Gridlocked Congress To Advance LGBT Rights

3/4/2013- President Obama has begun reaching out to senators in a bid to isolate Republican leaders in Congress and force a compromise 

 5/13/2013- Seems like the Obama team is acting the way Obama acted during the first debate.. they will have to get tough.. if they even know how to do that anymore.

10/1/2013 Well, Republicans have shut down the government again and Obama and The Dems
will not negotiate with these hostage takers. BRAVO... we only got here because The Prez has
failed to get tough with the GOP in the past... let's hope he doesnt cave.

11/15/2013- The botched rollout of ObamaCare is due to the fact that the website doesnt work

and Democrats and the White House WASTED the last three years distracted by The GOP
instead of explaining and selling the law to the ones who need it.

11/21/2013- FINALLY The Senate changed the filibuster rules so Republicans cant

block EVERYTHING this President tries to do. BRAVO!!

11/27/2013- Bite-sized Democratic Talking Points for Thanksgiving conversations! 

12/4/2013- MSNBC's Chris Matthews To Interview Obama          

1/24/2014 Holder speaks out on Voter ID, Wall St, NSA in MSNBC exclusive