Thursday, December 13, 2012


Republicans have lost the presidential election a campaign that has been going on everyday for the last 4 years... Republicans swore that making Obama a 1 term president was their primary goal... They blocked, slow walked, exaggerated, and outright lied to block Obama on everything.

After billions of dollars, thousands of campaign ads, & thousands of TV interviews President Obama succeeded in being re elected and WON the argument.

So you would think Republicans would listen to the American people, wouldnt you?

WRONG! Even though Obama won by a landslide, Republicans act like THEY are the ones with the mandate.

It is time time for this White House to stop negotiating with terrorists (Republicans willing to hold American prosperity hostage if they don't get their way)... it's time for this White House to stop trying to get along with crazy people on the right... it's time for this White House to stop playing defense and start playing offense.

Barack Obama is not only the most powerful man in the world he is also 1 of the most powerful presidents in American history ... now would somebody let him know that?  Obama will win ANY fight he REALLY wants to win, the other side has big mouths and FOX News and nothing else.

Prez Obama has helped change American's opinions on gay marriage  to the extent that a majority of Americans are for it now.
If anybody thinks it was easy to become the FIRST black President in the United States  & The first to get RE-elected, then they're crazy.   Winning important fights are NEVER easy.. but YOU HAVE GOT TO FIGHT!

I am exhausted defending this president and the Democrats in fights that they could be easily win on their own... Shirley Sharrod, Susan Rice, and time and time again the right gets away with bullying this administration.

Do you know how stop getting bullied? pick 1 bully and beat the shit out of him... it's time for the Democrats and this White House to pick 1 bully and make an example out of him..doesn't matter if it's a talk radio host, Fox News or one of the wacko Republicans but it's time for offense offense offense!