Monday, February 4, 2013

THINKING OUT LOUD- Our American Family

let's say your mother has 6 kids. 1 latino 1 black 1 girl 1 gay 1 liberal 1 conservative (this is just an example)... and let's say your mother has treated the 2 white children as favorites for most of their lives.. especially the conservative child. let's say she sometimes listens to liberal child but not as much has she listened  to conservative child...

As children you don't know why things are the way they are..  You just accept them and live your life.  but the liberal child is different, the liberal child constantly tries to explain to your mother why should treat the other children just as well as she's treating you and your conservative brother.

What would happen if your mother started to change and start to realize that ALL her children should be treated equally?

Well,  first of all the conservative brother would hate the liberal brother.. he will do anything to demonize the liberal brother and try to diminish the liberal’s argument. When your mother starts treating all of her children equally the conservative brother will have to come up with more and more ridiculous reasons for why he should continue to be treated better than the others.

For instance, the conservative brother will say that the “pursuit of happiness” gives HIM the right to own as many and as many types of guns as HE pleases but his gay brother does not have the right to get married.. his sister should earn in less money than he does .. and his black brother should be relegated to the worst room in the house and ignored.

When you ask him why his sister shouldn't have the right to control her own body or why his Latino brother doesn't deserve the right to become a citizen or why he has to have every possible gun imaginable his reasons will get more and more absurd because his reasons make no sense.

That's why you have Republican senators who can't explain why a woman might need an abortion in time of rape.. they say that pregnancy due to rape is God will or that on that women's bodies have the power to reject insemination in times of rape. He will use the derogatory language against anybody who disagrees with him because he knows his argument is ridiculous.

So the conservative brother will pout & be stubborn and often refuse to even debate an issue because he knows his argument has no merit.

The conservative brother has been treated as a favorite for so long that in his head he truly believes that he is better.. that his freedom and his rights are superior to anybody who is different from him... but because that belief is false when you ask him for specifics he can't come up with them..  he only can come up with ridiculous arguments.

He ultimately believes “that's the way its always been”.  This country is like a family.. never stays the same.. you can never stand in the same river because the water is always flowing.. people grow older and wiser..  the conservative brother will have to ACCEPT being treated just like everyone else no better no worse.

And we WILL point out to our Conservative brothers every time they try to advance a dumb argument. The Conservative brother can no longer say that The Gay brother’s marriage is a threat to HIS marriage, because IT MAKES NO SENSE. The Conservative brother cant say that the ONE place for expanded government is when it comes to a woman’s right to choose. 

The Conservative brother no longer can say there should be NO laws regulating guns.. He will try to say things like Gun Control will never work because criminals will not follow the new laws.. but by THAT argument, why have ANY law? Conservatives will not get away with selling out-dated policies with ridiculous arguments. Hyperbole and exaggerated rhetoric are the last gasps of a Republican party whose partisan policies are dying.

They need to wise up and open their hearts and open their minds.... OR build a time machine and go back to the middle of the last century.


We ALL have an obligation to speak up so that ALL God’s children are treated fairly!!  We ALL need to think for ourselves.. But THINK OUT LOUD!  SPEAK UP for fairness for all, not just the few.