Wednesday, November 27, 2013

FINALLY!!! Democrats supply us with bite-sized talking points to counter Republican Bullshit!!


     For YEARS I have been saying that the messaging coming out of The White House and Democrats has been sub par.. Republican and Tea party nuts have always had their lies arranged and supplied to their base and to media while the left sits on their thumbs.

     OF COURSE The GOP was set to lie about ObamaCare.. the question I had was, HOW THE FUCK was The Left unprepared for this???  Why the fuck did Democrats continue to forget to supply The American people with THE TRUTH???

     Well, thankfully.. for Thanksgiving, Democrats have a web-site with bite-size talking points to counter
any bullshit you might hear from a Republican relative or dinner-mate.

    Just go to and you will see all you need to spread the truth and you can even sign up to get emails throughout the years to keep you up on whats what.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, & many happy debates!!!