Saturday, October 18, 2014

I have a crush on Chef Aaron from FOX's 'UTOPIA' - Nothing beats a sexy brotha who can cook!

Utopia is a reality series that premiered on Fox on September 7, 2014. Based on the Dutch version of the series and created by John de Mol. The series follows a cast of 15 men and women who are placed in isolation and filmed twenty-four hours a day for one year. The cast must create their own society and figure out how to survive.

The sexiest Utopian is Chef Aaron Thomas, 26 of Oxford Mississippi..  He cooks all the meals and teaches
fitness in Utopia based on skills he learned in the Army..

Anytime there's a good looking black man on a reality show its a blessing!  My gaydar goes off a little as I watch Aaron though.. He never hits on any of the women, He never talks about a girlfriend and when the other men all dress up as women (for some reason they like to do that when theyre drunk) Aaron NEVER does..

Maybe its me just being hopeful that he's "one of the kids" but usually on these kinds of reality shows there is a gay character and so far there are none in Utopia.  On the next episode Aaron is supposed to reveal something and I have a feeling that he will come out.. but maybe i'm wrong.

Nice face, beautiful smile, gorgeous body and can cook?  Chef Aaron is MY Utopia!  Take a look...


What do YOU think? Do you watch Utopia?
Is Aaron sexy?

Oh, and ONE more thing...