Thursday, January 29, 2015

TV TALK- The "After" Shows

     If you're like me you are happy that SCANDAL and HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER are returning to TV tonight. I HATE the Christmas breaks that television shows take. Networks should fill those breaks with exciting and original content.. Thank God for Netflix & Hulu, because a little binge watching can help to take ones mind off the lack of TV content during the Xmas/NewYears break.

     This year, I discovered a new way to entertain myself..  I found out about a website and YouTube Channel.  What is TheStream.TV?  Well, its a collection of "After" Shows. What are "After Shows?"  An "After Show" is a show that comes on after a show you like where fans talk about what they just saw.. (Like "Talking Dead" is to "Walking Dead")

     This winter I was able to catch up on the shows I love like SCANDAL, ARROW, THE FLASH, THE STRAIN and AMERICAN HORROR STORY (to name a few) by listening to fans talk about each episode.

     Now, I may disagree with some of the speakers, I may wish that they used skype more, I may wish that they used technology better, but for now I like to listen to people talk about a show that I love.

    Hopefully the after shows will get better with time.. But I highly suggest, if you LOVE a show, catch the AFTER SHOW on TheStream.TV or Stream TV on YOUTUBE.  I go to them after EVERY episode of The Flash, Gotham and Arrow because i'm a superhero geek but its going to be fun to watch them talk about Scandal after tonights episode (the 1st new episode of the year).


You can find them at:

Let me know what you think of them, and as usual you can find us here at NubianNewYorkers