Sunday, September 16, 2007

NBC FALL SHOWS... mini review

Two of the several definitions of the word GENIUS from are;

1. Extraordinary intellectual and creative power

2. A person who has great influence over another

Genius is easy to find if you look for it. Genius is trendsetting... Anytime genius does something it is unique, creative and soon to copied.

NBC released "HEROES" last year.. but they didnt just release it.. they let 14 minutes of the pilot episode be seen on You Tube... and

after the Pilot aired it let every episode be available on the net after broadcast. That way anybody who ever heard someone else talking

about the show could go right to and watch every episode for himself....GENIUS


...THIS YEAR NBC has does something else unique and creative... They've made pilots of some of their new shows available for rent at

Blockbuster. Somebody at that network REALLY knows what he or she is doing... I just love when I see people thinking outside the box.

I rented the DVD of upcoming shows. The shows are "CHUCK", "JOURNEYMAN", "LIFE" & a preview of some scenes from "THE BIONIC



BIONIC WOMAN- there wasnt enough scenes for me to get a clear grasp on whether the show is worth it

CHUCK- I think this show will eventually be cancelled. Dont get me wrong its funny and cute. But I think this show will eventually
be cancelled. What was the last comedy action show that lasted?

JOURNEYMAN- first I thought this show was a rip off of "The Dead Zone" on The USA network, but its more like a rip off of touched by
an Angel and that Taye diggs show on ABC last year (that got cancelled) "DayBreak". Honestly I actually said out loud while watching it, THIS MUST BE THE MOST DEPRESSING SHOW.. but the last five minutes got me, I'll give it another chance.

and LIFE- About a cop who was wrongly accused for a crime, but it was only found out that he was innocent 12 years after he was put in jail. When he was released he was given a $50 million dollar settlement and allowed to become a detective again. But while he was
in jail every bad thing you could imagine happened to him. He delas with it now by trying to be spiritual but you see signs of bitterness and sadness in him as he relives his pain and tries to solve new cases. I loved this show.. I didnt expect to... The acting, the writing, the directing were all "genius" .. I never saw a show like this, even the people playing small roles were all good and they played their scenes with uniqueness. this show and concept are brand new and delivered in a brand new way and I LOVED IT. It struck me as the kind of show you usually see on HBO.. they made a fan out of me.

But dont take my word for it.. rent the previews from Blockbuster or wait til later this month and watch them on tv or