Sunday, September 16, 2007

NubianNewYorkers Post #1

Years ago, when I came up with the name "NubianNewYorker" is was basically out of necessity.. I had lost my AOL account which I was using and I lost the screen name that I was using at that time.. A screen name that I prefered.. So I had to come up with a new one

I always like to be unique and create names that are catchy and have meaning, so I quickly came up with the name NubianNewYorker... When I started my Yahoo Group I decided to name it "NubianNewYorkers" because i wanted it to reflect the type of things I like and the type of people I wanted it to represent.

"NubianNewYorkers" quickly grew into something even bigger and even better. The smart people who began to join the group enjoyed my contibutions and began to contribute their own thoughts, news articles, experiences, poetry, sport scores and ESPECIALLY sexy pix of men.

The group has grown, and just like NewYork, we represent people and thoughts from ALL OVER THE WORLD!! Our main group now has over 22,000 members, we have 5 other Yahoo Groups and a VERY interesting You Tube group. ALL smart, fun,

spiritual and sexy places to visit while online.

Many, many of our members have been inspired to start their OWN groups.. Some have succeeded, many have failed. Two such members that deserve great mentioning are Brotha Tray and Redflava (you will see more about each of these men and their groups soon).

I have also seen that "NubianNewYorkers" has inspired others . Unfortunately, human nature being what it is.. there has been a series of people who have attempted to fool the public into thinking they are

"NubianNewYorkers".. I have seen a slew of .coms come up in our name & there is currently an individual trying to use our name to dive traffic to his site. (SAD)

I dont know what to say about people who attempt to capitalize on the thoughts and work of another. I feel sorry for them because if they cant even think of an original name or the heck can anyone

trust them or believe in them? Uniqueness is not a weakness, I think.

Well, .. Welcome to the new NubianNewYorkers blog.. I dont know if this will be a constant new feature or what, but we'll see. I am the kind of person overflowing with good ideas all the time, many i use for work.. this blog will be another hobby.

I know I dont have the writing ability of some of my favorite bloggers, but i do have my own voice and some success navigating the information superhighway... so PLEASE bookmark this page and come back often.

Stay tuned for new features and interesting topics coming up in the future.. And I will also place links to my favorite blogs and sites so you can have a great experience everytime you visit the "NubianNewYorkers" Blog Site.

And your comments are always welcome!!!

Bless you and thanks!!!

and my smart and sexy groups for you who love men of color...

(always in black and white)

(videos and snippets)

(beware of parasites who attempt to use my name, just follow the above links

to have the pure, original NubianNewYorkers experience!)