Monday, October 3, 2011

Dolvett Quince ...because Smart & Fit is SEXY!!

An IFFA- and ISSA-certified trainer, Dolvett Quince developed his company, Body Sculptor Inc., to help people transform their minds, bodies and souls. His regimen focuses on weight loss, nutrition, strength training and cardiovascular exercise, and his style and reputation for success have attracted the attention of professional athletes and celebrities alike.

Quince has joined NBC's hit "The Biggest Loser," ushering in a new era for the show alongside new trainer Anna Kournikova and returning trainer Bob Harper. He cites his biggest accomplishment so far as helping one client lose 325 pounds, and he'll lend his expertise to the show's Season 12 contestants when "The Biggest Loser" returns.
In 2004, he opened his first Body Sculptor Fitness Studio in Atlanta and has built it into the city's premiere health and fitness center. Quince's business attracts such clients as Janet Jackson, Baltimore Ravens tight end Daniel Wilcox, actor Michael Jai White and many more. Additionally, worldwide pop sensation Justin Bieber hired Quince to train him on his latest tour. He also developed the renowned "Me and My Chair Workout" DVD, a low-impact, high-intensity 30-minute workout system that helps users tone up and slim down while using only a household chair as equipment.
He currently splits his time between Los Angeles and Atlanta.

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