Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Right Wing Liar Getting Caught Mid-Lie

     Republicans will say ANYTHING to bring our President down.. They will say he wasn't born here, They will say that his actions to remove Quaddafi won't work (until they DID WORK). Then, off course they wont give our President ANY credit for doing it.

     What they don't realize, is that, the more ridiculous their accusations the more the country just tunes them out.
Check out this segment of The Colbert Report that catches gasbag Rush Limbaugh trying to blame Obama for something ridiculous but while doing it, gets a report in his ear about the real FACTS and hurriedly decides to change the topic..

Obama gets an A+ on Fighting Terrorists and Security, for this there is no question. Check this clip out..

(click screen at bottom to increase its size)