Monday, January 28, 2013

Isn't It Funny...? - Leaders & Language

 Isnt it funny that during George W Bush's time in office he could not 
pronounce the word "Nuclear".. He would constantly pronounce it as
"new-cue-ler"... And then we all watched as right-wing media and politicians went on to pronounce the word EXACTLY as George W Bush did. (until he left office, then all of a sudden they started pronouncing the word correctly again).

President Obama was the FIRST politician I ever heard to pronounce "Pakistan" as "Pock-ee-ston".  
Now of course Prez Obama is pronouncing it the way people in that country pronounce it, but Americans had always
pronounced it as "Pack-I-Stan."  
Now I hear
politicians and the media pronouncing it the way Obama pronounces it when they DIDN'T before... Listen for this change the next time you hear talk about this country in the media.

It's strange the power President's have on language.. a power that usually is never spoken about or observed.