Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Trillion Dollar Coin drama VS Republican Hostage Takers

Today's News says "Obama Administration Rejects Platinum Coin Debt-Ceiling Solution"

Obama should NEVER take the Trillion dollar coin possibility off the table, .. leave it there to drive the Rethuglicans crazy... Republicans are nothing if not utterly predictable.. They will use every chance they can to fight over everything.. they will shut down the Government, Fight over aid to Sandy victims, Default on the country's bills and will eventually (mark my words) try to impeach this President..

All behaviors that will usher in a Democratic Congress in 2014 and with a Democratic Senate, Obama will NOT be a lame duck as most second term Prez's are in the last 2 years of their second term... and THEN Obama and The Dems are gonna cram everything The Repubs have been fighting against RIGHT DOWN THEIR THROATS... and what will The Repubs do? They will have a hate-filled primary setting the groundwork for Hillary 2016...

AND I WILL BE LAUGHING, LAUGHING, LAUGHING just like I did on election night 2012.

Oh.. and when the books are written about what happened during the 2 terms of the first black President (and the books will be written for the next 100 years). The behavior of Republicans will make them the villians in every book and movie to come...

I've said it before, Dems have no balls and Republicans have no brains.. but Democrats win The Presidency and Republicans lose their minds.

UPDATE (click headline to read):
January 27th 2013-  ‘We Won’t Play the Villain’: Paul Ryan Warns GOP to Pick Its Battles