Thursday, April 4, 2013

Democrat politicians have NO BALLS & Republican politicians have NO BRAINS!

Listen to the language The NRA uses to describe President Obama. Look how they even go after his kids.
Then look at how passive and moderate the language Obama uses to protect us from gun violence.  Why is
The President pulling his punches? Why isn't The White House using all of its powers to fight for Gun Safety?
Why are they ignoring MSNBC?  There's an entire network that agrees with The Administration yet Obama won't even go on that network.

Dont ask me to help you or donate to you when you aren't doing all you can to make your point. I agree with the goal of Democrats to protect the lives of Americans without messing with 2nd amendment rights.. But the communication strategy is PATHETIC. 

PLEASE read my Nov 9th 2012 blog entry: HOW PREZ OBAMA CAN HAVE A SUCCESSFUL 2ND TERM. 

UPDATE 4/8/2013: