Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Dear politicians on the Democratic side, I know that you are not reading this because you dont
listen to the people who vote for you, you spend most of your time arguing with Republicans..  You listen to Rush & Fox News to find things to repeat to show how out of touch they are.

     If you are an elected Democrat and you actually care enough to read this PLEASE let me know.  Maybe you can take a look at THIS that I wrote November of 2012.


#1 Republicans can distract you at the drop of a dime.. Why else would you squander 3 years where you
couldve been selling/explaining Obamacare?  You let 3 YEARS go by and waited til THE WEEK the law was to go into effect to start seriously explaining the law. HERE IS THE SUGGESTION: your number one political goal is to WIN BACK THE HOUSE.  Do NOT get distracted, EXPLAIN to the people the 17 districts you need to win and how you intend to win them.

#2 When you are in a negotiation with Republicans you have to ASK FOR THE MOON and then work back from there.. Instead of being reasonable and ten acting shocked when the Right-wing wackos ask for the moon. Because the result ends up being that the wackos get what they want most of the time.

#3 Sorry to say this but the President has been "enabler and chief" when it comes to Republicans. 2013 is THE FIRST TIME that Prez Obama actually dug in his heels and didnt reward Republicans for hostage-taking. 

#4 Boehner acts like he's NOT Speaker of The House but Speaker of The Tea Party.  Even if a bill would pass with a majority of Congress people, Boehner wont allow an up or down vote because Tea party people wont vote for it. BUT... WHERE ARE THE HUNDREDS OF DEMOCRATS WHO WOULD VOTE FOR THE BILL?????  Why is it that ONE Republican wacko (Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin) can find a way to get the attention of ALL the media but 200 Democratic Congresspeople cant find a way to get attention??

#5 STOP sending me emails asking for money.. YOU DONT LISTEN TO THE WORDS WE SAY, SO DONT ASK US FOR MONEY!!!  Send out emails with bite sized talking points, send out emails showing you have a strategy not just for when you are attacked but a strategy to ATTACK Republicans!!  I have donated and NOTHING is more frustrating than giving money to someone who ignores you until its time to ask for money again.